Professional Development

SignOn highly values the need for continued growth as professionals. To demonstrate this, each SignOn interpreter completes a professional development plan and receives support toward specific goals.

Filling "The Gap" Summer Development Program 2011

SignOn is pleased to announce a summer development program designed to help interpreters looking to improve their skills. For more information about the Summer Gap Program, click here.

RID Super Site

SignOn serves the interpreting community as a Super Site Testing location for the RID's performance test. For information about taking an RID test, contact


SignOn has sponsored the following workshops and in-services since 1997:

Traumatic Stress of Interpreters: Sheli Barber, M.A., LMHC, from ADWAS
Shtetl, Shul and Shabbos: Aspects of Jewish Culture: presented by Elizabeth Rothman, CI, CT.
Demand-Control Schema for Interpreters: Presented by:  Robyn Dean, CI, CT, July 2004
A Hemolytic What?:  A Guide to Understanding How Medical Professionals Talk and What They're Talking About: Claudia Keinholz, RN, January 2004
Mentoring Workshop: Beth Schoenberg
Video Interpreting (WSRID 2002, 2003)
Voicing ASL to English:  Beth Schoenberg
Frozen Text:  Karen Carlson, Beth Schoenberg
12 Step Interpreting: Beth Schoenberg, Karen Graham
Alexander Technique: Body Mechanics for Interpreters: Catherine Kettrick, November 2000 and January 2001
Oral Interpreting: Kirsten Gonzalez, Consuelo Gonzalez and Karen Carlson, September 2000
Secondary Trauma for Interpreters: Karen K. Graham, June 2000
Mental Health Interpreting: Dan Veltri, January 1998